Frances Valentine
Spring 2019

We’re so excited to introduce our Spring 2019 campaign featuring the truly marvelous Rachel Brosnahan. Rachel has partnered with us to showcase the new collection in celebration of her Aunt Kate Valentine Spade’s life, legacy and love of fashion.


Q: What are your favorite pieces from the Spring collection?

A:  “I love the Elyce loafer. I love the twist on a classic loafer shape and how many bold colors it comes in. The Honeypots are also an absolute favorite. They have such a fun sense of humor and can elevate almost any summer outfit. They also have a surprising amount of space inside and can fit all your essentials! The Small Chloe is my every day go to. It’s the perfect size and I love the variation with the racing stripe. “

Q: What elements of Katy’s style did you love and appreciate most?

A:  “I have always loved Katy’s love of colors and accessories. She brightened up every room she walked into. She also loved classic shapes but by mixing colors and patterns and adding funky accessories, her personality always shone through.”

Q: How did Katy influence you in both life and work?

A: “Katy led with an almost unparalleled kindness and generosity in both work and life and firmly believed it was one of the keys to her success. She taught me a great deal about passion and drive but never at the expense of kindness. The other thing that has stuck with me the most is Katy’s sense of humor. It was important to her not to take herself too seriously and to remember to take a step back and enjoy the process of working on things she was passionate about. She found joy in every corner of her life and work and that’s something I will always carry with me.”

Q: What does style mean to you?

A: “Style is an opportunity to express yourself. It’s something that is uniquely yours and can act as both a glimpse into the soul or an armor, depending on your mood.”

Q: What are you looking forward to?

A: “I’m looking forward to some spring downtime with family and friends (and my pups!) before we gear up to shoot “The Marvelous Mrs Maisel” season 3.  And the end of this NYC cold! I’m ready for some sunshine.”

Q: Katy always drew inspiration from vintage pieces. Do you see any parallels between your character Midge Maisel’s style and your own?

A: “I appreciate Midge’s style and have always had a love for vintage fashion, but I love comfort more. We both love bold colors but that’s where the parallels end. I’ll leave the corsets and petticoats to Midge!”